RaceFactory Gaming

October 2018 - Present

I am a contract developer for this project working with a small team of developers to create and maintain the website used by the leaders of the organization. This project is developed with the ASP.net MVC framework. MySQL is used as the database.

Some of the key things I learned from this project are:

  • Permissions Management
  • MySQL
  • E-Commerce
  • Working with an LLC
  • MVC
  • ASP.net
  • Python
  • Working with a team of developers of different skill levels and backgrounds
  • Atlassian Software Stack
  • Migrating existing data and systems to a new application

The Website

As developers, we were contracted to create a brand new web application for an existing organization. We created an application to allow the owners of the organization to fully control all aspects of the website without the need for them to write any code or ask us to make any changes. They are able to create and sell memberships as well as one-off products. They are also able to create and manage racing series which integrate with various services to bring in data such as qualifying information and race results.


Please feel free to use the contact form to send me an email.